Midwifery Services

Ashley offers birth center and homebirth midwifery services in the Cleveland, TX area (far northeast Houston). Check out her birth center website using the link below for more information.

Placenta Encapsulation

Ashley offers placenta encapsulation services through Wellspring Birth Center in the far Northeast Houston area. Cost is $250, and includes the following:

  • Pick up of placenta from your home or local hospital.
  • Dehydrating, grinding, and encapsulating the raw placenta.
  • Delivery of placenta within 72 hours of pickup.
  • Additional fee applies for pickup or delivery outside of 25 mile radius surrounding the Wellspring office (waived if placenta is dropped off and picked up from office).

Top 10 Reasons Many Women Choose to Encapsulate the Placenta:

  1. Balances your hormones
  2. Enhances and enriches your milk supply
  3. Increases your energy
  4. Combats daytime fatigue
  5. Recover more quickly from birth
  6. Brings the body back into balance
  7. Helps prevent the "Baby Blues"
  8. Shortens postpartum bleeding time
  9. Assists the uterus to return to its pre-pregnant size
  10. Increases postpartum iron levels

The benefits of placenta encapsulation have not yet been proven by research and mostly anecdotal information is available. Research studies are underway, and we hope to be able to update our list soon to provide evidence-based information. Studies which have been done on raw and encapsulated placentas in recent years show that no concerning levels of toxins or bacteria are present after dehydration and many beneficial hormones, which could potentially cause a physiological response, are present though perhaps in lower quantities than the raw placenta. 


Preparing the Placenta for Encapsulation
Placenta Loaded into the Dehydrator

Placenta Encapsulation Inquiry

Telephone: 832-777-0291

E-mail: admin@wellspringbirthcenter.com

If you are interested in registering for Wellspring's placenta encapsulation services, please contact us using the information above or the contact form here. Please include your contact information, due date, and intended delivery location. 

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